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Do you ever wonder what's in the minds of other spiritual entrepreneurs?  Do you wonder about what's in your own mind?  Do others think like you? 

Conscious Evolution is a quarterly publication by and for consciousness-minded entrepreneurs sharing what actually goes on in their mind.

Frank, Raw, Humorous, Uncensored, Inspiring, Artistic, Spiritual with a bit of Science to bring it all home.

Oh ya, and there's videos, a ground breaking series on coaching with Carrie, readings, poetry, and great conversations too.

Take a Break - spend some quality time with other great minds like yours.

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With a brand new section on Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles, and Galactic Assistance.

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Featuring the magical & playful art of Jean Berry

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 "Exactly the food your mind needs to access the Truth to your own evolution."  KS

  "Your doorway to your expanded perspective on life, Source, and everything in between."  IG

  "Fresh, informative, balanced, and ever evolving." DH

  "Gives anyone craving practical, down-to-earth ideas about living their spiritual practice day to day a wealth of perspectives to draw upon." DH

   "The Conscious Evolution Journal is the portal to explore your spiritual edges with real world answers and support for your life."  JEB 

“The Conscious Evolution Journal will forever evolve with the times by continuing to hold a treasure trove of ideas and perspectives. Worth a read!”


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I'm so happy to announce that we will now be donating 15% of profits from the Conscious Evolution Journal to support education for children.

Reveal Your Life Consulting Ltd., the publisher of the Conscious Evolution Journal will be donating 15% of profits from the Conscious Evolution Journal to support education for children around the world.