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Information is free.  We are no longer restricted by location, class, or income level to educate ourselves in any area we desire.

Our goal, through the Conscious Evolution Journal, is to provide you with actions and understanding to trigger the transformation you want.

Understanding the mysteries of how the cosmos really works is an eternal journey of ever increasing awe, wonder, and delight. It's a journey that every one of us is on.

In open discussion and varying perspectives we gain greater insights and challenge our ideas and beliefs.  A few words from a different perspective and our whole life can change in a flash of mental clarity.  Those are my favorite moments, when I experience those flashes of clarity, and when I see them in my clients.

I'm RoseAnn Janzen, founder and editor in chief of the Conscious Evolution Journal, creator of products and services to expand consciousness, and CEO of Reveal Your Life Consulting Ltd.  The Conscious Evolution Journal is a branch of RevealYourLife.com so you will see that on all communication with us.

We are partnering with other creators of consciousness expanding products and services to bring you fun, enticing, enjoyable, and immediately useful experiences and steps to carry you on your Conscious Evolution journey.